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Rorick Skyve
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Aiden scratched his head, wearing a sort of tired grin. "Yeah."

More stuff he had been trying to forget. And even did, least for a couple of hours. Clothes were still sticky like a bunch of glue, but what the hell was he supposed do, run around shirtless? He'd have to roll with it, fucking nasty as that was. Had gotten used to it by now, really. Except now that Mel pointed it out, that itch all over his body was back.

"Like, you know..."

His smile faded away and he had to lick his lips in order to hide he was choking up a bit. God, all that shit coming back to him now. He really wanted to try and not think about it too much, least until he was safe, until all the others were safe, but fuck, it was just goddamn impossible to do.

"I mean, I was with people and we split up and - things just..." He put one arm around himself, grabbing onto his own shoulder, like he was literally trying to pull himself together. Didn't even know what the hell he was going to say, what words to use. He knew they happened, all of that freakin' terrible stuff, but saying out loud, it just felt wrong. None of this was supposed to be this way, like.

"I was with Scarls, okay? Tried to keep her safe, but it just, it didn't work. Guess you...heard about the rest."

His voice was quiet and he could sense that he was repressing some anger while speaking. Anger directed at himself, at Nancy, those terrorist bastards, fucking everyone. He didn't want to be angry though. Mel was here now, things were lookin' up. Startin' to, at least. "What about you? You been with some folks?"
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