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"Better now that I've scared you half to death."

Mel grinned, the familiar smile curving across her face. Sure, it was a dumb question, but it was only dumb because it was asked here, in the situation that had been set up for them. It was the sort of question and answer that he'd have asked and she'd have given anywhere else.

What were they gonna do, blow her up for pleasantries?

"You kinda look like shit, though." That was an understatement if she'd ever made one. Now that she got a closer look at his front, he was absolutely covered in blood - dried blood, all over his shoulders and his sleeves and the upper part of his shirt. But not hurt. Not visibly.

It wasn't that she believed the terrorists and what they said. About who killed, about who was dead. They could pick and choose their truths to manipulate her classmates if they wanted to. She didn't see a reason for them to lie when the truth hurt more, but trusting them - that was a fool's game.

She simply chose to believe that Aiden hadn't killed.

Wrinkling her nose, she placed a hand on her hip, on the grass-stained side of her jacket. Tried to keep her eyes on him and not the body behind him, so that she could ignore the morbid curiosity that nagged at her.

"Smell terrible, too." Her grin didn't falter. "So, y'know, it's good to see you."
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