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“Ughhh, the asylum. I mean, I guess if we have to. But that place was creepy as fuck.”

Danny frowned as Bridgette brought up her perspective on friends. He… he didn’t know if he agreed. It was a good point. Meeting friends would hurt when the worst happened. But… fuck, the idea of never seeing them again hurt, too. Scarlett came to mind. Even just one more meeting. Enough to say sorry. Or one more meeting with friends just to… last moments were supposed to be good, not ‘later, dude’ or ‘haha, have fun at school, sucker!’ Wait, that’d been to Jacob, that would be his last words no matter—god, don’t think about that.

Still thinking on that even when the conversation had moved on, Danny registered a reply to the shit about Jae. “I mean, if someone punched me I’d punch him back. Just saying.”

Danny pushed back on his chair some, rocking onto the back legs before hearing the ominous creak that resulted from doing so and plonking all the legs back on the ground again.

“If you’re so set on not seeing friends… then why you still bothering with me?” The words spilled out as soon as they came to mind. Hurriedly, he added, “Uh, I don’t want you to leave! But… I mean. Y’know.”
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