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Danny immediately listed off a couple of places they could find pens. Bridgette nodded along. “Good, good,” she reached for the map again, spreading it on the table in front of her. “So we're going back to the asylum again?”

She listened to Danny ramble on, and shook her head when he asked if there was anyone she wanted to see. “Not really. I think it's for the best we don't see anybody we know, actually. Because people will die, and…” she trailed off, remembering her encounter in the electroshock therapy room. “I’d rather not see friends right before they do.”

The weight in her chest grew heavier, but she shook it off. Joshua’s - and everyone else’s - deaths were tragic, but it was inevitable. People were going to die, and none of them were going to last long in a situation like this. It was just something Bridgette had to accept.

And if she could handle Joshua’s, she could handle everyone else’s.

Bridgette shifted the conversation topic. “And I dunno about Alvaro. You knew Jae, right? He was kind of a dick But I guess Alvaro still could’ve started it, but it doesn't change the fact that Jae beat him up.”

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