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The second Aiden felt the pressure on his shoulder, he let out a short shriek. His head filled with nothing but utter fucking panic for a heartbeat, he jumped a little and spun around.

His eyes met a familiar face and the fog in his head immediately cleared. Mel, holy fuck, he should have known. Always managed to come out of nowhere like that.

"Shit...shit, you scared me, man." He was panting a little, had to catch his breath. Goddammit, she got him good. Didn't change the fact that he was super fucking happy to see her show up like that, but still, his heart had to calm the fuck down. Was almost embarrassing him a bit, so it was.

"Jesus fuck, you scared me." He nodded, like he ne needed to stress that fact any more. Took him two, three more seconds to fully come back down to earth, then he finally found it in him to react to this the proper way.

Melanie, she was here, she was okay. She was only one person, only one of the peeps he was trying to find and so many others were still out there, but fuck it, she was here now. Only thing that really mattered. He gave her a smile and just a little more and he'd prolly have gone in for a hug too. Fuck, he really needed one of those. Not right now though, didn't want her to get the wrong impression right off the bat.

He heard her proposition and immediately remembered the goddamn body that was still there. He'd have been more than okay with just forgetting about it, like. That short moment of him just being all smiles to see a friendly face, that couldn't have stuck around a little longer, could it? Oh well. Not like complaining did anything now.

Aiden simply nodded again, not wanting to deal with whatever lay behind him right now. This was the best he could have asked for, distraction and stuff. Of course, he'd have been stoked to see Mel either way, no doubt there. He put both hands behind his head, rubbing his neck for bit, before lowering them again. "I mean, dumb question I guess, but how are ya?"

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