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What happened next was pretty damn surreal, even considering how bizarre their current situation already was. While they were trying to deal with how to approach the realization that Sandra wasn't with them, some guy showed up out of nowhere. The guy didn't even say anything, he just walked right past them and went into the cabin. Blair tailed the guy for reasons completely unknown to Rene, who had a personal policy of specifically not following creepy people into enclosed spaces.

Noah, for his part, looked confused as all hell, and Rene couldn't blame him one bit. He gave her a look that implied a desperate need for an explanation. Rene, who could provide nothing of the sort, responded with an exaggerated shrug.

But seriously, what the hell was that?

She followed her friend into the cabin, wondering if she had seen any horror movies that had begun exactly like this. Before she could evaluate all four of the horror movies she had seen in her life, a loud crash commanded her attention. She turned on her heel to face the direction of the noise. "Blair?" She called out into the depths of the cabin. Her usual facade of calm snarkiness cracked, and she was clearly uncomfortable now.

She placed her hand on the zipper of her bag. She knew that she had a gun because she had done some searching through her bag while on watch the previous night, and at this point in time, she was wishing that she had kept it at the ready.
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