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"Heads up, Slattery."

((Melanie Beckett continued from Call Me Maybe))

"Right behind you."

Her grip was firm on his shoulder. She hadn't paused; she hadn't hesitated. She'd only thought about the consequences of startling him for a second and then she'd already reached right out and pulled him back.

It hadn't been a good night, or a good morning. It'd been hard to get any sleep - something she ought to have stuck with the others for, maybe. Guarded by a landmine, instead of the back of a building, some grass, and the shield of darkness. It might have been worth it, to have said what she was thinking and have seen if they had thought the same way too. Just because she didn't want to do this with others didn't mean she needed to do this alone.

But, y'know, no time for regrets.

No time at all, the way people had dropped. It'd frustrated her. They'd given in. So easily. One by one. The terrorists framed the situation and gave them fear and gave them hope and they slaughtered each other.

Feeling like that was probably also part of it. If the terrorists cared at all, they wanted to frustrate everyone who heard the announcements, wanted to make them scared or sad or angry. It wasn't just delivering news. And telling them who the killers were, that just made it easier to point fingers and shove the blame at the wrong person.

She'd let it all wash over her like a wave. The names, the faces, the people. Reframed it - it wasn't what they wanted her to feel that mattered, but what she wanted to feel, what was natural for her to feel.

Grief. Frustrated, helpless anger.

She could see the ocean from here, had seen it when she'd crossed the bridge and skirted the asylum, but Aiden was what held her attention right now. This was something she wanted too - to talk to him. She'd known that as soon as she'd spotted him in the distance.

"I don't think it'll help to see who it is," Mel said, and there was no reason to hide the unease that she felt. "Maybe we should- you wanna step away for a bit?"
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