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(I'm posting because inactivity would hit me in two days. Just wanna get in here. Can rearrange posting order later if needed)

((Caleb Diamond continued from Survival Strategy))

They were just outside the range zone now, at the location the map called "the slopes." Every few minutes Caleb had been mashing his hand into his face to try and wake himself up. He pulled a bottle of water and drank a little and that seemed to help more than anything else. It had only been on night without his sleep medication and already it was taking a toll. It was just yet another thing in an infinitely long list of things that made him totally unsuitable to survive in the "game" they'd been thrown into.

They were wading around in the tall grass, looking to see if over the next slope they might find Kimiko. He was still completely terrified of what talking to her would yield. Not that she was particularly physically threatening. It was, in Caleb's opinion, a much stupider fear. He slapped a label of "nervousness" on it and pushed it to the side.

The announcements said she'd be at the helipad, so with any luck she'd exit from the direction of the slopes and he could intercept her. He looked around for Maria. All things considered, she'd been a good sport about pretty much everything and must have had some degree of trust in him. On a different train of thought, he mused that it was weird that his opinion of her had improved lightyears over his first impression of her. I still wasn't great, but it was improved.
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