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He stood over her, staring down at her. He wasn’t thinking, just like he wanted, but he wasn’t moving either. She screamed, but he just kept staring at her.

Sandy didn’t wonder what to do next. Sandy didn’t know what to do next, but everything in his mind was centred on Jasmine right now. It was all about what she’d done, about how all the pain that he felt right then and there was because of her. Sandy didn’t know what he was going to do next, but he felt his arms moving all the same.

Jasmine grabbed the shard of glass, and in that moment Sandy flinched. Survival instincts kicked in, a glimpse of sense shining in his red hazed thoughts, and he was almost forced into a retreat. Before he could take the step back though, Jasmine grinned a most unwelcome grin.

There wasn’t time to panic again, no time to expect the glass to be thrown at his face or stabbed into his shin. There was only the pair of words, the instant before the shard plunged into her neck, before everything really did turn red.

His hand shot up to his mouth as that horrible feeling filling his body grew worse. The anger that had overcome his reeling eyes gave way to shock, and that overwhelming hate was lost amidst the final image that had been scarred into his mind.

He stood over her, long after her body went limp, staring down at her. He wasn’t thinking, just like he wanted, but he hadn’t wanted this.

There was only one thing he could do:


((Sandy Bricks continued in 幽霊屋敷))
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