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Nadia was curious about Jerry's game plan for if they ran into anyone. He was a lot of talk and action, so she was very interested in hearing what that was. That would have to wait, since the door opened and Jerry had to react as if someone put an ice cube down the back of his shirt.

Asuka Takahara wasn't someone Nadia was too familiar with. She was Japanese like Nadia, and she seemed nice, but that was about it. Asuka wasn't on the offensive right now, and she seemed willing to join them. Of course, Nadia had to vet her first. Jerry couldn't vet since he was probably going to put that switchblade wherever he could think to put it in Asuka.

"That depends," Nadia said to Asuka. "What do you think we're doing?"

Nadia clutched the chair leg in her hand. Asuka wasn't one of the Day One killers, but that didn't mean Nadia had to be unprepared in case she decided to join their ranks.
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