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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah was almost prepared to run back into the woods and look for Sandra. If they were already going to lose a person in their group, that was a sign things would fall apart sooner than later. Noah didn't want to believe that, especially if this could lead to Sandra's death. But even more, he didn't want Rene or Blair to fall apart from this. They needed to stay together and stay focused if they were going to survive somehow.

Before anything else could happen, some other kid walked by the trio and into the cabin. Noah was somewhat surprised. The guy seemed friendly, but he walked by without saying anything. Blair followed the guy in, leaving Noah perplexed.

"What the fu..." he started, before looking over to Rene.

Noah chuckled to himself.

"Um, maybe we should see what they're doing?" Noah said to Rene. "I mean, maybe he saw Sandra."

Noah walked into the cabin, clutching Sawlaska tightly. Right when he stepped in, he heard a crashing noise in the other room. Noah jumped slightly in place.

"Hey, you okay?" he shouted.

Noah began to curse mentally. This couldn't be where everything starts to get worse, right?
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