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Latanna watched Olivia, how she relaxed. Then, not so. Predictable! Latanna's eyes carefully scanned for the familiar. The omnipresent watch on her friend's skinny wrist, the battle worn cuticles. Pyrrhic battle, that. Something of a Fredricksburg, arguably. Futile, butchery, poor form. But Latanna had brought that up enough times in the past for one time.

"It's too weird."

Latanna nodded, sympathy carefully carved into the glossy wax of her lips.

"Hm! I understand." She'd compliment Olivia on the pivot though. It left Kanuho, predictably sharp. Too sharp for Latanna's taste, the sort of riposte that left her unsure of herself. A moment's hesitation. Uncertainty. Irritation. Arousal, but heaven forbid that was simply improper. The page between Latanna's fingers hadn't been turned for a second too long, and she remedied that without further outward sign of duress. How silly of her.

"Maybe you'd have fun if you gave it a chance."

Latanna nodded, idly. Was that too dismissive of her, perhaps...? Latanna glanced up, to be very certain, held Kanuho's gaze evenly. Her eyes casually wrought of steel.


She nodded sagely. A page in her textbook turned, in time to the clockwork tick of her heart. "At any rate, I both encourage you to attend, even if stag. I can assure both of you council has pulled out the stops for this one!" And the cowboy hats, and the lassos.

"Either of you have preliminary thoughts on the essay?"

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