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Jerry felt like throwing up, vomiting everything he had in his stomach and emptying his body on the floor. The knot in his throat was choking him, he couldn't breath. The cat got his tongue and it wouldn't give it back, it kept it just close enough for Jerry to see but a little bit too far for him to reach. He slowly raised his hands to his face while his teeth chattered.

His voice was muted, put on an indefinite hold. As he tried to speak, only a quiet a moan left his body as the tears rained down. He wiped them off with his hands, bit his lips and squeezed his cheeks in an attempt to stop the tears and then he heard the buzzing again. This time however, the bugs were crying with him, they cried the death of Jerry's beloved. That last part may have been one-sided, or even just a crush, but that was the only thing that mattered.

There was only pain in Jerry, nothing else and then

the sadness in his heart was transformed to anger by the name of a girl.

Nancy Kyle.

His tears became napalm, they burned through his eyes and set a fire around him. The bugs were confused for a brief moment their host wasn't fighting them, and they decided to help Jerry. They didn't have much energy left, a lot of them escaped through his tears and moans and sobs and the rest was tired. They wanted to call it a day and go back to sleep, but the buzzing inside of Jerry was needed for his survival. Even though both Jerry and the bugs hated each other, they knew when to cooperate.

His anger evaporated his tears, they disappeared one last time with the wipe of his hands. Tthe bag of Cheetos that rubbed against his eyes wasn't the nicest feeling, but it did the job of quieting the tears.
He gathered up courage, he harvested it on the corpses of the deceased. He could see them, in front of him, he could see her.

He could see her talking.

He could see her smiling.

He could see her beaming.

He could see her happy.

He could see her corpse.

"If we find this Nancy chick," his voice was shaking from the anger, he was horrified about the thing he was about to say, "Please, let me kill her."
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