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Vanessa turned to see who it was when Hazel and Jordan arrived, more out of habitual curiosity than any paranoia. She let her guard down when Jae vouched for them, the two not being the most familiar people at Cochise to her, but nothing was ringing any warning bells. More importantly, it gave her an opening to let herself up and dash away from ineptly trying to make Lizzie feel better, and meet the new faces instead.

She was about to get up when Lizzie asked about Tyler Yazzie. There was a name that gave even Vanessa pause; she was all about punk rock and the look, but Ty took it to a point where he looked just flat out mental. She didn’t like to judge people by their appearance, but when your face had more metal than skin it was hard not to.

But no, she hadn’t seen him so far on Whatever-it-was-called Island, and she let Lizzie know that as she moved to greet Hazel and Jordan.

“Hey.” She said to Jordan and Hazel, offering a simple wave as she took to Jae’s side. “Alvaro Vacanti happened,” she nodded her head at Jae, stepping in on Hazel’s question with nary a second thought. “sounds like the little fucker’s lost it.”

“The table leg’s my handiwork, though.” She smirked, still quite proud that it hadn’t snapped in half on them yet. Then came that familiar awkwardness as she wondered what to say next again. What were you supposed to say in a place like this?

“So, what’s been eating you two?”
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