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Alex’s sudden outburst had caused Jeremy to look up, again.

Wait, no, that wasn’t all of how Jeremy reacted. There was more, for better or worse. A feeling. Tingly. Alex did not react the way that Jeremy had expected him to, and that plus the out-of-nowhere nature of his threat gave him a feeling of surprise. Wait, no. Not surprise. Something else. His arms were tingling. The hair on them was raising. It was like what happened if you put your arm near static electricity except he didn’t do it voluntarily and they were moving on their own and the feeling was invading him and Alex was standing in front of him holding a machete and he couldn’t look at anything beyond that and if he didn’t do anything he’d get cut and-

He shook his head, slightly. He just needed to think. Stall. He still couldn’t think about what choice he wanted to make because of the machete so he just needed to stall him. Ideally without inviting his wrath.

He just needed to say something.

But what?

He wasn’t sure. Nothing was coming up.

But if he showed too much fear, then he would be cut down.

Wait, that was it. Fear. He had an idea, he just needed to think about it, for a little.

Something that would stall.

Something that would feed him.

Something that would work.

“You think I don’t have the guts?”

He leaned onto the wall, again. Smiled, slightly.

Any trace of seeming fear had disappeared after the first syllable.

“Allow me to tell you otherwise. You know how there was that bell that rang, yesterday?”

A slight pause. A snort, from his side. Hopefully Alex knew what he was talking about.

“Yeah. That was me.”
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