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For a moment, Junko wondered if this was a good idea. She had no idea what boat person and fire person got weapon-wise, so she may have ended up getting herself into a bit of a problem. But a head popped out of the boat, and Junko recognized it as Jasper Bustamante. He was a vlogger, a member of the soccer team, a furry or something like that… and that’s all Junko could remember off the top of her head. Wait, wasn’t he friends with Caedyn too? Joy.

He’d given her a nervous smile and a greeting of his own. Junko gave a slight smile in turn. However, her eyes looked him up and down. She didn’t see a weapon, so he probably couldn’t do much right now, could he? However, his expression changed, as if he saw something just out of her vision. Her gaze followed, and-

For what felt like her entire life, Junko was familiar with “challenges.” In elementary, she and her friends got into trouble for things like snorting sriracha up their noses. Not much had honestly changed since then: whenever there was one of those dumb Internet challenges people had, Junko was usually the first to try it. Eating cinnamon? Done that. Her doing the ice bucket thing was largely an excuse to pour ice all over herself, to be honest. Salt and ice, bug eating, chubby bunny, saltines? Yeah, those too. Point is, she didn’t do it all the time, but there was a lot she’d tried.

But Tara Behzad’s attempt at what appeared to be some kind of fire challenge… well, even Junko had her limits.

Was it appropriate to joke about that, or anything? Well, was it? Well, if “Beat a Classmate” and “Mug a Murderer” ever became a challenge like that, she’d already completed both. Okay, yeah, some joking is okay, she guessed.

Anyways, Tara. Kind of an odd person to begin with. She was a runner too, but she’d always been a bit of an enigma, that one. Pretty much a quiet type. Junko looked into her memories, to try to remember if Tara was the type to cover her arm in shortening- was that what that was? - and light herself on fire. Okay, yeah, her mind was running a blank right now.

For a moment, Tara’s words brought back another image. Mr. Graham came back. The terror etched into his face, the way that guy stepped behind him, the blood spraying everywhere, it all replayed. Junko’s smile faltered. It was not at what Tara was doing. But she picked it back up a second later.

“Well, my mistake. I guess ‘shitty morning’ is more appropriate?” Junko said, with a quiet chuckle.

Tara didn’t appear to be armed, other than with fire and Crisco. Okay, what can she do here? Was she just… supposed to walk away? Fight them? She could probably try the latter if she wanted, but two people might make things a little more difficult. Alliance? Was that even safe? They weren’t dumb like Darius, or murderers, but you know. Better safe than sorry.

Gah, this was one big mistake, wasn’t it? She wasn’t sure. All she knew was that she saw smoke and fire, then came across this little scene. Okay, time to strategize. She didn’t think she needed any more food and water right now, so she didn’t need to steal from them too, did she?

In any case, she once again kept her grip on the bat tight.

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