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“Pens? Oh, you mean for, like… writing down the names and shit, right? Yeah, that makes sense. Probably need paper or something too, right?”

Yeah. That was smart. Writing shit down so they don’t forget. Be super awkward to forget that someone was a killer until he’d been shot in the face. Bridgette knew her shit, even if her rereading that pamphlet over and over was kinda freaking him out. He’d glanced at it, but just kinda tossed it somewhere after. Didn’t look helpful.

“Well, there’s probably pens somewhere. Maybe. I mean, this place looks old as balls, so they’re probably all dried up. Oh, I stopped by a storage closet in the asylum at one point. Maybe that has some. It had paper. Like, old records or something, I dunno, I didn’t have much of a look before Sandy scared me. And after that—fuck, Alvaro could have killed me.”

Danny had totally blanked on the fact that he’d been on the announcement, maybe thinking too much about Scarlett and Isabel. But Alvaro had shoved Barry off something, and like… Barry was a huge goddamn dude. Not the sort of guy that could easily be shoved off stuff.

“Guess there was no cliff to shove me off,” Danny muttered. “You reckon he was lying about Min-Jae attacking him, too? Maybe he’s just been going around shoving people and Min-Jae shoved back, yeah?”

He hoped Audrey was alright after leaving with him, even if she’d been kind of weird. But she wasn’t on the announcements, so…

“But after the pens, like… I mean, do you have anyone you want to see? Or anyone that might, y’know… not be a dick?” Danny propped his chin on his hand, staring at the chunk of bread he still held in his other hand.

Goddamn, he really wanted some peanut butter. Such a weird priority, but it would have made this morning a little less garbage.
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