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Bart spoke up again, saying he was going to look outside to see if the coast was clear. About half a minute later, he came back, saying the coast was clear. Jennifer let out a puff of air. She didn’t even know she was holding her breath.

“Alright,” she said, gently patting her pack to remind herself she still had it.

She realized Kiziah hadn’t replied to her inquiry. Maybe she felt safer with the gun, after all, or that she didn’t like the idea of someone else handling it. Either way, Jennifer felt like she shouldn’t probe further. It was polite, and it would make things more comfortable.

As she followed the other two out, Jennifer noticed the manual, still laying on the ground next to an easel. After a moment of hesitancy, she slowly reached down to pick it up. She placed it into her bag, and zipped up again.

She still hoped some boats, some helicopters- anything- would come by.

((Jennifer Wallace continued elsewhere))

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