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alright so the capitol is like ''u know what kids r boring to see killing each other lets kill the drag queens instead'' so like vicki being vicki was like NO!!!! so she was put in the game r i p vicki (unless u win if then gg)

if u dont wanna see my witty comments for vicki (since im following her cuz shes my fave i guess since i dont know any of them??) go to the summary r i p

the reaping


Day Uno

Interview with Vicki

Fallen tributes Uno

Night Uno (i dont know numbers after that)

Day Secondo

there's a fire wtf will vicki survive im not sure tbh but lets ask her first

fire boom boom

24 boom booms wow

but who to follow now?|?!?!|?|

Night Secondo

hungry bitches day

Day Thirdo? Thrice? lmao i give up

Fallen Tributes

Night That Has Three Dots O- Fuck I said the number

Idk what day are we im confused who am I?

fallen whatever i lost will in life

Night 5? idk

Shit happens

the final two wow thats a lot of people

who got gg'ed





me by naft
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