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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Ty Yazzie Continued From This Is Not My Country, This Is Not What I Believe))

Tired. Wasted. Not the first time Ty hadn't slept, not even the first time 'cuz he was afraid of someone sneaking up on him in the dead a night, but first time that stealth was lethal. Lots of staring. Starting at sounds. Bumps in the night, flashes of light, killers lurking on the edge. Nothing really. Fuck. Who knew what real was right now. He was dead on his feet without much in the way of brain space and Clarice weren't talking.

Barely heard the announcements, if he was being real honest. Names. Words. Prolly terrible, but didn't tell him anything new. Harry was the only one that really mattered in the end, and Ty already knew he was dead. Harry...and Conrad.

Fuck him. Ty was glad the snapped little prick was dead. Shoulda killed him himself for what he did.

...Jesus, where did that come from?

He needed to rest, but it wasn't time yet. Didn't know when it would be. Wasn't now though. That was all that really mattered. Right now, he was just staring over the edge with Clarice, trying to feel human again. He didn't even look back when a new voice echoed out over from behind them. Right now, if they were friendly and unfamiliar, he didn't care all that much. All he did was grunt and give a weak nod as he kept staring over the edge.
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