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((Aiden Slattery continued from Nuts in May))

Saying that he was glad about anything at all at this fuckin' time, it felt more than a little weird. Facts were, he had no goddamn clue where he was going, hadn't seen a single soul for way longer than he was comfortable with and was starting to feel a little dizzy. And all that wasn't even counting all of the other...obvious stuff.

But there was no other way to say it, he was fuckin' glad to finally be outside of that goddamn place. That huge, bulky, dusty fuckin' labyrinth of a building, no way he was settin' foot in there again. Well, maybe after all of this shit was over. To go back to Scarls and - fuck, had to stop thinkin' about it. He couldn't change that now. Had to keep lookin' forward, some generic sounding thing like that. Still, it was probably true, so it was.

Aiden rubbed his neck. Wasn't thirsty, not anymore, had already taken care of that. Still, his throat didn't feel like everything was A-okay down there. Like sandpaper; he sure wasn't lookin' forward to his next meal, last one had already hurt, kinda. He checked his watch again. Like knowing the time was gonna make any goddamn difference. Still, he was just glad to have it. Only thing he had that still mattered.

He looked up again, staring at the tower that was less than a short jog ahead of him. Thing looked no less miserable and grim than the fuckin' pile of cement he had just left. Only advantage was, prolly couldn't get lost in it that easily. Didn't seem like anyone was gonna hole themselves up in there though, let alone one of the peeps he was searchin' for. Didn't exactly look inviting, nope. Especially with all the -

Wait, the fuck was that thing there? Something right there next to the entrance, looked like a - an ironing board or something? Nah, prolly not that. Something on top of it too.

Aiden took a few steps forward, walking in the direction of the tower ahead. That thing was some sort of gurney, was becoming more clear now. And someone was fuckin' lying on top of it. Couldn't tell who, not yet, but someone was fuckin' lying there and not moving. He took another insecure step forward as he stared, then froze where he was standing.

Holy shit, please no, not again.
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