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For a moment, Alex said nothing. Mostly because he didn't know what to say.

He was forging on blind into unfamiliar territory. He was a killer now. There was blood on him, metaphorically and literally. He had fought to kill. And now he had assumed his role. He would be the villain you could love. The villain you might almost want to win.

But that required envy. And what do men and women of all stripes envy? Freedom. Freedom from consequence, freedom from moral restraints, freedom from the common things that compel every man and woman to bite their tongue and bend their heads. Everyone wants the Nietzschean Superman. So how to become that creature? How to be that man?

So he slowly raised his machete, and pointed it at Jeremy.

"You cowards!" he snarled. He advanced two steps forwards, glaring into Jeremy's eyes. "You enter this place, you survive this long, and you will not admit what is expected of you? What is required of you?" He leaned closer. "Survival of the Fittest. Say it with me. And we must aspire to fitness. We must be stronger and better than the others. We must be better than this."

He jerked his head back towards the shredded corpse against the wall. "Is that who you want to win?" he asked. "Is that the future you want for mankind?" He sneered. "Or should we all be such cowards that we would fear so swing the blade when it is required of us?"

His stomach felt queasy. His legs felt shaky, but he refused to show it. His eyes were watering, but he kept them narrowed into a derisive glare. He was the villain in full. Let no one think otherwise.

"If you don't have the guts," Alex said. "Then run before I cut you down myself."
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