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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout stopped smiling.

She didn't expect the boy to actually stand his ground. He looked like a puss. Clearly she underestimated him.

As far as Scout was concerned, she did not give a fuck whether he was planning to do it again or not. All she knew, all she cared to know was that he did do it. Why the fuck did he have two bags? No way he looted a corpse. No way nobody would be stupid enough to hand their bag over. It was all illogical. He killed someone. He was a threat. She was absolutely convinced of that.

He knew that she knew. That's all that mattered, you come down to it. There was no need for names. He might as well have just said, "I killed someone already! And don't you go thinking I won't do it again!" Would have been a lot less subtle, sure, but she would have some little crumb of respect for him. Semantics. Point was, he posed a threat towards her. Didn't matter if he was just blowing smoke up her ass. That was all the proof she needed now.

Was this her hill to die on though? Shouldn't she just kill him now? He didn't have a gun. It'd be real easy.

... She looked at the boy. Sized him up real good.

Silence descended the room. An awkward, suffocating silence.

Then she stepped out of the doorway.

"Hey, don't get your panties in a twist," Scout said, motioning with an arm towards the open doorway. "I was just fucking with you. Don't want any trouble."

. . .
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