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Blair was too out of breath to notice Alessio approaching until he walked directly past her, at which point she tried to call out to him, only to lose her wind and resume panting from overexertion. Her stamina was pretty awful even though she was reasonably fit, and running exacerbated it more than other exercises. Swimming too.

Unfortunately, Blair had a suspicion that more running was going to happen in the near future. Hopefully not followed by dying, but she had no control over that.

As Alessio entered the cabin, Blair looked back and forth at Noah and Rene, and without saying anything, turned and followed the guy. For one, he was being weird and Blair didn't like or trust that, and also she needed to sit down before she passed out. That'd be unpleasant.

Marveling at the impressively large lodge (though the tiger-skin rug was perhaps the chintziest decoration imaginable, not to mention anti-conservationist as hell), Blair followed Alessio, unable to speak, her throat burning, her chest still aching. She didn't exactly make an effort to be sneaky, as her wheezing breath wouldn't make that a pointless endeavor. Still, she kept about ten feet of distance, just to be safe.

Then Alessio did something unexpected. He walked into a room and laid down on the bed. Blair figured he must've been really tired or incredibly audacious to pull that kind of stunt. There was a chair in the corner of the small room, and Blair collapsed into it.

Literally. The chair shattered under her.

Letting out a pained gasp, Blair slammed her butt onto the wooden floor. "Damn..." She hissed. Her breath was still uncaught, but she could at least talk a little now. Instead of saying anything to the other person in the room, though, Blair just pulled her knees up to her forehead and groaned.
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