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Brendan was just listening and watching as Darius and Jonathan were talking. So Junko was the one who beat him up? Darius really did get lucky then. He wasn't dead. He wasn't one of the people who lost their lives to another classmate. He actually thought that Darius deserved getting a beatdown. It was wrong of Brendan to think like that. But he couldn't help it.

He tensed up as Darius said something that made him feel annoyed at him. Lazy? Not doing anything? Who the heck did Darius think he was? Brendan had been doing something. He had been trying to find his friends. He had tried to find a weapon that was useful for self-defence. How dare Darius think that he and Jonathan weren't doing anything!?

Brendan was about to yell at Darius for being such an asshole, but Jonathan beat him to the punch. So Brendan kept his mouth shut. He let Jonathan let his heart out. Darius really didn't understand what his friend had went through. Brendan wanted to leave soon. He just wanted to go with Jonathan and then leave Darius on his own. No, that wouldn't be right. As much as he didn't like Darius.... He should at least tolerate Darius.

It was silent after Jonathan's outburst. Too silent. Brendan leaned over and he picked up his bag. He didn't want to stay there anymore. It felt too intense now. He was still planning on going to the asylum. He had to check to see if anyone was there. If they were still alive. Maxim, Ty, Alba, anyone else he would consider a friend. He glanced over to where Jonathan and Darius were standing. He had to convince them to go with him somehow.

Brendan took a few steps towards the other two and he shifted a little on his feet. "Guys, let just calm down and think about this rationally. Okay? Let's.... Let's not fight. We need to find other people and then we can try to think of a plan of what to do. We really don't need any drama right now." He was speaking as calmly as he could to diffuse the situation. "We also need to be careful not to bump into any killers. That.... That might be hard to do. But we have to try."

"I've already planned on going to the asylum to look for any of my friends there. So I will be heading over to there. I don't know what you two will want to do. If you want to come with me, then I will be happy to have you two around. If you don't, then I guess we can split up."
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