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"I'm really sorry"

"Yeah," Lizzie mumbled. "Me too."

And suddenly there was a whole fucking crowd of people, and yesterday that had been hard enough, but today? Today, when she knew how many of her classmates (including Alexander god damn hypocritical asshole Tarquin) had already turned to murder? How could she possibly feel safe?

Worse than that: how many of these people would be dead before the day was over? How many others would lose their friends and...


Harold, dead after all he'd said to Tyler Yazzie, with the fearsome rep who only wanted to look after his friend. How had that gone down, she wondered? And what did it say, when the great debater couldn't talk his way out of this?

What did it say to any hopes of heroes who could keep the blood from their hands?

"Have, uh..." she started. "Have any of you seen Tyler Yazzie?"
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