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Heh. Darius didn't lose his sense of humor too much. That was good, he was the same old Darius, which meant the rest of his friends were the same. None of them were out killing people yet. His first thought was to ask if he saw Michael anywhere, but he stopped, he knew if Darius or Michael had found each other they'd stay close, he'd also be here right not. Either he didn't find him, or he died somewhere in between journeys, but he knew the latter wasn't the case. Darius wouldn't be so calm if it did happen.

Almost immediately after, Darius warned Jonathan that Junko attacked him. Shit, was she playing too? Jonathan looked at the ground a moment. There were more than just the people on the announcements who weren't friendly. It was going to be a lot harder than he thought. Darius switched his conversation to something else, words he'd never think Darius of all people would say. Words that quite frankly gave Jonathan some hope that people can be saved.

Then Darius decided to start saying shit about them not trying. He acted like they weren't doing anything, that they were just letting it happen. The comment itself made him want to cry, but he wasn't quite sure if he even had any tears left. His sadness turned into anger.


Jonathan shook his head. "We tried, me and Barry..."

He decided to tell him what happened.

"We wanted to get people to come to the bell tower, maybe we'd plan something out. Alvaro came. Barry had an Ess Em Gee. Alvaro's got it now..."

"Please, don't call me or him lazy, because I just saw the man who saved my life get pushed off a fucking bell tower, just so his killer can loot him and run off like the coward he is!"

Jonathan pointed over to Brendan.

"After Barry, he's the only other person on this fucking island I've found who's trying to be helpful!"

Jonathan should have felt bad, snapping at Darius like that, but he pressed too far this time.

"So don't you ever, EVER insinuate that either of us are lazy again, you think getting beat the fuck up by Junko's bad?! How about finding out that three- "

Jonathan realized he'd seen Conrad earlier, he saw Nancy earlier, both appeared on the announcements as well.

"F-five of the people you met are dead, one of them a killer, along with two other killers you saw but let go because you couldn't do anything about it!"

"How about having to cover the face of a dead friend with your own shirt because you had nothing else to cover it with!"

"How about finding so many people in so little fucking time that out of all of them, only two wanted to help and now one of them's dead, while the ones who bailed on you are either dead or killers?!"

"How about meeting a close friend and being concerned if they're hurt or not, only to treat the whole thing like a damn joke, then call you lazy!"

"How about that, huh?! Am I that fucking lazy, Darius?! You tell me, because you seem to be the expert on getting us out of this fucking mess!"

Jonathan backed up, breathing heavily. Darius didn't know, he was trying to help, but he didn't know. Jonathan shouldn't have snapped at him.

"Darius, I-I'm sorry, I- I didn't mean it like that..."

He felt the tears coming back.
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