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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Jerry wildly shook his head to scatter sweat drops this way and that. The shower was less than he had hoped, disappointingly. He hadn't quite worked up enough of a sweat punching at an enemy that only he could see, that he could never hit. He threw a wide hook, one that surely would have caught Trav right in that smug "I-know-better-than-you-because-I-got-lucky-that-one-time-we-sparred-and-even-thought-I'll-never-come-right-out-and-say-it-I-constantly-look-at-you-with-this-air-that-I'm-better-than-you-and-will-continue-to-be-better-than-you-because-you-never-formally-learned-a-true-style-like-I-did-oh-look-how-cool-I-am-I-have-my-own-fucking-cheer-entourage" face. He turned, satisfied with that at the very least.

"Prepared for that? Shit, I planned on it."

Jerry wasn't particularly planning for that.

"There's a gameplan cooking up for when we meet somebody. Got it all figured out." There was no gameplan. Jerry had nothing figured out. If he was to be completely honest with himself, and that is a quality rarely afforded, he knew that he was basically just winging his own survival. He and Nadia couldn't survive according to the rules of the game itself. Still, he had a pretty good handle on the fact that she probably wouldn't go and try to kill him. Probably. Not with that table leg at least, not if Jerry had anything to say about it. He knew the best ways to shrug off hits from a steel chair; what was a lame old table leg going to be able to do to him? Of course, to their mutual enemies, it would be significantly more useful a tool. Jerry wasn't a betting man but he wagered there weren't too many other kids in Cochise that could stand up to an assault from the two of them working together.

Defensively speaking, of course. Going out and killing somebody wasn't on the books. Not yet.

Speaking of which, Jerry just about jumped out of his skin from the touch of ice to his spine when an unexpected voice joined in on the conversation.

"JESUS JUMPING CHRIST!" Jerry snapped, hand immediately fumbling around in his pocket to get a tight grip on his switchblade. "Fucking knock next time, will ya!?"
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