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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia quietly watched as Jerry shadowboxed in the room. She had seen some shadowboxing before in movies and TV. Heck, she had even see Rod do something similar at his wrestling practices. She mostly didn't understand why Jerry was doing it now. Was it something he did when he normally woke up in the mornings? Was he taking the announcement as seriously as she was planning to? Either way, Nadia watched the guy spar with the dust particles in the air, studying his figure as he did.

Jerry then wanted to know about the asylum layout, as well as to knock her choice in weaponry. Nadia put her hand to her chin.

"Well, when I was here yesterday, I was more than ready to bail since I wasn't sure where I was," Nadia said. "I know there are some rooms with two-way mirrors downstairs, but I doubt that's useful to us."

Nadia stood up, stretching her back a bit and raising her arms above her head.

"However, I figure a place like this has a few of the staples of creepy-ass asylums. There's probably torture rooms of all kind and maybe some stuff that can be used as weapons. But at the same time, there are probably common areas and staff rooms like this one that could have people hiding or maybe some secret finds."

Nadia opened her free palm and began to hit it gently with the chair leg.

"Basically, there's a lot to find, but most likely, we'll find people. Are you prepared for that?"
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