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Bart gave a thumbs-up to the girls while he returned his map to his pack. "All right, so, um... I guess we've got a plan now. That's good, right?" With a quick zip, his map was safe and sound once again.

Jennifer and Kizi moved onto the topic of what they should do with Kizi's gun. Pretty reasonable, since that was going to be their main source of protection until further notice. Bart didn't really feel like be belonged in this particular part of the conversation. Outside of the realm of video games, he had absolutely no knowledge of guns, and he certainly didn't know how to handle them. He doubted that Jennifer or Kizi had much more experience with them either, but he felt that they would probably be able to pick it up quicker than he would. Outside of art and writing, he had never really had many other skills.

"Okay, so, um..." Bart followed Jennifer's previous statement. "I think I'm gonna check outside to see if, y'know, everything's clear? So once you know what you're doing with the gun we can, uh... head out, right?" He jabbed a thumb in the direction of the doorway before walking out slowly, hoping that the girls wouldn't abandon him once he was out of sight.

He had a direct line of sight towards the asylum door. He knew that attempting stealth would be more than likely pointless thanks to his condition, but that didn't stop him from softly stepping towards it, sticking close to the wall like a character in some old spy movie. He didn't see anyone nearby, and he couldn't hear anything that suggested it either. From a brief glance, everything looked good. He took a few steps back towards the door and cupped a hand around his mouth, trying to catch the girls' attention.

"A-all clear, I think..."

He looked back at the asylum door. He hadn't set foot outside of the building since waking up, and now he was about to face the world outside.

He hoped that everything would somehow turn out okay.

((Bart Cappotelli continued elsewhere...))
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