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Kimiko hadn't been expecting that.

Everyone showed some outward form of fear at her very presence it was weird. It made her uncomfortable to consider that they all probably assumed she had set out to kill Cristo, the annoucement did nothing to chance that perception. In fact it encouraged it. It was a classic technique regarding information, Kimiko was aware of it, Taiwan had been subject to it many times. The only real option she had to consider was that nothing she was told from the precise moment she found herself in onwards would be strictly true. It was more likely to be warped to give the effect the terrorists wanted or what her classmates wanted her to believe.

Of the five other people in the room only one of them didn't shown any outward signs of her presence causing any unease. The fact that person was Bradley didn't surprise her, she knew what he was like. He would much rather make a stupid joke than seriously consider his situation. Kimiko listened to what he was saying, her grip steadily tightening on the spear and her teeth grinding until he let up. It was the same thing he had done in the bowling alley. He must have remembered the effect it had on her.

The worst part was that just like the last time Kimiko wanted to retort but she had no ability too. No one else in the room knew sign language as far as she was aware and to properly communicate using it would have required her to drop the spear. She could see Bradley's gun. It wasn't a risk worth taking. The others for their part were trying to make him stop, but it was for selfish reasons. It wasn't because they cared about how his words made her feel but because they were scared of how she would react to them.

Kimiko stared daggers at Bradley, her eyes narrowed. She took a couple of deliberate steps forwards and looked over everyone in the room, taking everyone in. Arthur, Bryony, Coleen and the girl Kimiko couldn't quite place. Kimiko couldn't see any deadly other deadly weapons besides hers and Bradley's, although his was far superior. Typical. Doing her best to ignore Bradley, Kimiko nodded to each of the others individually and waited to see what they would do.

She didn't enjoy being treated like a monster.
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