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As he sobbed, Jasper became acutely aware of some footsteps near him. He laid completely still, praying whoever it was didn’t come any closer. Thankfully, whoever they were, they were skittering around down the shoreline, never edging closer to his location. His plan to wait the mysterious person out was foiled by another set of footsteps approaching and shouting. Jasper jumped at the sudden loudness, but it still sounded like a friendly voice.

Jasper slowly sat up, resting his chin on Henry’s bag. “Uh, g’morning,” he replied sheepishly, flashing a shaky smile. Junko, the girl who shouted, was a familiar face: they were in the same grade, and he’d shared a couple of classes with her. But Jasper couldn’t remember ever holding a conversation before: maybe they’d spoken years ago, but there was no way he could know.

But stranger or not, he was glad to see her. She was infinitely better than some mystery upperclassman, or one of the killers out there. Sure, she had the bat, but she didn’t sound dangerous. Maybe he could trust her.

His eyes wandered, and he caught sight of a bonfire down the beach. Jasper briefly wondered why they’d started a fire before he realized another girl was sticking her arm into it.

His jaw dropped.

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