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Kimiko left. Samuel returned her wave, and once she was out of sight, let his shoulders relax. He was finally alone again. He took a sip of water and enjoyed his solitude.

But with his luck, someone else was bound to show up, and there was always the off-chance that they were way more aggressive than Kimiko and the other guy. Samuel already decided that he’d spend the night here, and he may as well find a less public spot to hang out. He hopped off the counter, picked up his bag and crossbow, and stepped out into the hallway.

At first he was looking for the cleanest room, but his standards dropped dramatically as he trudged through the hallways. The room he eventually settled in was in no better shape than the others, but at least its door was intact and the bed hadn’t been thrown out the window. He grabbed a chair from one of the other rooms to wedge under the doorknob, and then pushed the bed up against the chair. He didn’t know if it would help, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. If anything, it made him feel safer in here.

The rest of the day passed without incident. Samuel had never been so bored in his life. He’d taken a couple of naps through the afternoon, and spent his waking hours staring at the ceiling. At one point he resorted to reading the survival guide they’d all been provided. It didn’t tell him anything he didn’t know: kill people, trust nobody, danger zones, blah blah blah. It didn’t take a genius to understand all of this from the get go.

As nightfall came, he scrounged up a paltry dinner (half a loaf of bread, a couple of crackers, a food bar, and a water bottle) and finally turned in for the night. His sleep was surprisingly peaceful; if anyone was going to sleep well on the island, it was going to be him.

He’d fallen into such a deep sleep that the announcements had failed to completely woken him up. When the speakers crackled to life, he’d groaned and rolled over, squeezing his eyes shut and begging for sleep. But when he heard names being said, he figured that he’d have to sit up and listen.

The first name he heard properly was Nancy Kyle: an odd bird he’d only heard about in passing, and definitely one he would’ve predicted to snap. The rest of the names were people he faintly or barely knew. He was on the debate team with Alex and knew Harold through a friend, but he wasn’t particularly close to either of them. The only name that stuck out was Kimiko’s: the last person he’d seen yesterday, who’d already killed someone. His blood ran cold as he realized how close he’d gotten to a killer, and possibly getting killed himself.

The announcement ended with a special prize being awarded to Kimiko, and the announcement of the danger zone. Samuel had no idea where the Supply Depot was, but he knew it wasn’t here. He was free to lounge around.

After the announcement, he promptly went back to sleep for a couple more hours, waking up around noon. At that time, Samuel realized that he’d have to move. There was no way the terrorists would let him hole up here forever: they’d find a way to weasel him out. Part of him wanted to stay here and lie down in defeat, but he needed to see Penny before that.

Plus it was boring as shit here.

Samuel got up out of bed and began to dismantle the barricade.

((Samuel Howard continued in Into the Veil))

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