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((Natalie Winters continued from The Cuckoo's Calling))

Bright light.

After the sheer damp and dark walls of that basement-like place, Natalie finally found herself outside in fresh air. Honestly, this could be an okay spot for a vacation retreat, in a different situation. Right now, however, Natalie had to focus. Last time she got scared, she could've been killed. She was lucky those two were friendly. Or at least as friendly you could be in this kind of situation.

Now she was back on her own. Something she's used to doing. Being alone means you get to have much more freedom in your choices. The one person Natalie can trust in doing something is herself. If she screws up, well... that's on her. Someone else? She doesn't quite know yet.

But again, this kind of situation is different. She might just need some kind of help. Nothing too large. Especially if she's stuck with nothing here but a camera for defense.

Maybe find a partner. Three people is fine too. They'd have to be trustworthy though. Crowds might attract attention.

Then there were the announcements. So many deaths in one day. Natalie didn't know many of them, but the shock still hit her. This was real. There was death.

Too many things on her mind. Stress is bad.


In her bag, they gave her rations. Food, some water, but not enough if this was going to go on for days. She had decided the best way forward is probably going to be in the staffing areas. There should be food and maybe a place to sleep there, right? Well, the first step is always the hardest.

Natalie had walked onto the bridge. It's fairly long, a bit abandoned, but this should be the right way.

Halfway across it, she spotted some people. Two? Couldn't tell from this distance. A repeat of last time? Hopefully not.

Last time, Natalie snuck in, last time Natalie probably screwed up and lost her chance for allies. This shouldn't be like last time. Let's try something different this time.

She figured one of them was probably a girl. It looked like she was staring off into the sea. As Natalie approached her, only then did she realize that the girl was apparently quite muscular. Natalie wouldn't last long in a fistfight with her if she's hostile, though she didn't look hostile at all.

God, I hope this is the right decision.

Natalie walked, as calmly as she could, and spoke clearly,

"Hey... Looks like I'm not the only one travelling this way. Don't worry, I'm friendly," she said, face showing a smile, hopefully getting the message across. She could only hope.

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