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The Burned Handler
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"Girls have asked me but I haven't really thought about it. After State I can decide or ask somebody."

Some of them had been... pushy. Others had at least understood the monumental task before him and where his focus had to be until he returned from Prescott. It was nice to know on some level that he could get attention from girls if he really wanted it - he'd be a stone cold liar if he tried to say advances were never welcome or followed up on or that his eyes had never roamed - but when he didn't it was mostly a distraction. How many of them liked him for him as opposed to his handily tying people in knots on the mat, anyway? The sheer novelty of someone from this hole in the desert doing something of worth made it tough to discern the genuinely interested from the hangers-on and the types to flock to anything that kicks up dust. Roderick shrugged as someone might while guessing whether it would rain that afternoon and gently set his books down before him while speaking.

"I don't see anything weird or improper about it though," he offered after letting his words hang in the air for a moment. He'd noticed Olivia's blush - which he'd greeted with a gentle raise of one eyebrow - and Latanna's continuing insistence on what was or wasn't proper. That remained ever the case even as an idle glance in either's direction would show them as girls who probably wouldn't have any trouble getting a "yes" or two if they just went out and asked people.

"Maybe you'd have fun if you gave it a chance."

...And maybe if Latanna weren't so typically red state in world view, but this was Arizona. Even the weirdly liberal sections of Cochise's student body were still from Kingman. They still carried that weight invisibly around their necks and found themselves beaten into the ground by the sun of the Mojave Desert. Roderick had been trying to stop being the kind of person who would write people off, nobody could help where they were born and when Kingman had its claws in you it was a Herculean task to escape, but he did find himself reminded of that fact in more conversations than he would have liked.

For her part, Olivia was nice, and maybe Latanna could escape that world view if she took that brain of hers and did some critical thinking. Maybe.

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