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Darius threw his hands into the air as Jonathan ran to him to ask him a stupid question. Geez, what had happened to his face?

"My face? My nosebleeding? I watched too much hentai!"

After a short break, he shook his head.

"No, worse. I got into a fight with Junko. She beat me up, kinda."

And Brendan stood there, just creepily watching them, as he usually was. Ah, good old Cochise trash people.

Anyway. There was no need to waste time with sentimental reunion bullshit. Darius clapped his hands twice, before yelling Jonathan at his face.

"While we're talking, people are dying! There's no chance everybody survives this, but you two shouldn't be lazy and loaf around. Actually do something, you lazy fucks. Let's get material to get the fuck out of here. Have you guys seen the radio tower? Lots of equipment is there."

Really, there needed to be a way to get the fuck out of this place. How could the collars be removed? Electricity? Fire? Water? Force?

Can an explosion be stopped? If yes, how so? Or is there a way to let the collar explode without killing him. How? There was nothing that could block an explosion, is there?

Darius hoped that there was a way. Of course there was. He did not need to play the game.
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