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Jeremy got what Alex meant there, in terms of control. It was a reasonable motive for Isabel (of course, it was still more of a guess than anything, he’d have to go and talk to Isabel if he wanted the truth), although he still didn’t know why she would do it to a corpse. If she wanted to make him suffer, and if she wanted to exert her control, wouldn’t it be better to do it to someone still alive? Even with the further explanation that Alex gave him, he still wasn’t convinced. Yeah, she got to remove the corpse of its dignity, but what point would that prove? Not one that Jeremy could really see. Still, he wasn’t going to argue back. It ran the slight risk of annoying him, and the conversation seemed to be moving into more interesting waters, so he was happy to just let that happily slide.

Interesting waters, however, turned out to be a deal. Work with him, and they could keep each other safe until the final two.

His foot shifted. His breathing stopped. Started again, by his action.

If he accepted that deal, would that mean he would have to kill people?

He didn’t know. Alex was vague on that part. If the answer to his question was yes, then the answer to Alex’s offer was no. He knew that. It was the right thing for him to do.

But still…

He didn’t know. Everything rational in his head told him that the answer to this was no, but there was something. Couldn’t say what. Couldn’t name it. Something telling him that the answer to his offer was “yes.” It didn’t give a reason why, it didn’t tell him about any consequences, but it was there. And it was telling him to say yes.

But there are people out there, right? People you know who you care about who are going to die before you get the chance to say goodbye. Don't you care about them, Jeremy?

He did. He…

He didn’t know. He needed to think. Have more time. He just needed to stall, for a bit. Get Alex to respond so that he could give Alex and answer and possibly get further elaboration.

Further elaboration. That was it. Maybe it wasn’t what he needed, but it might just be able to give him it.

“Depends. Would I have to,” he paused. Looked down, for a slight second. “Uh, you know.”

There were eyes. Standing in front of him. He didn’t know whether to look at them or not.
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