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((Hazel Jung continued from The World Turned Upside Down))

"Jordan," she said quickly. "From drama," she added, trying to add context. She felt that it might help explain to Jae the nature of their relationship and why she trusted him in as simple a package as possible. She then felt a bit embarrassed that she saw the need to clarify their relationship.

She and Jordan had an remarkably unremarkable night. No attacks or noises going bump while they slept. They had been awakened by the announcements, but didn't discuss what they'd heard. Jordan didn't seem up to talking about either the killers or the dead and Hazel didn't want to rock the boat.

"Um, hey....sweetie," she said somewhat hesitantly. She twirled a piece of shiny black hair around her finger and nervously slid it back and forth. Hazel knew that it was silly to still be nervous and uncertain about her relationship with with Jae considering that was now low low low on her new island list of priorities, but even still, the tips of her fingers tingled slightly.

This too vanished in a flash when she realized both the crying girl in the room and the state of Jae.

"Are you ok? What happened?" she said with a hand over her mouth, looking at his leg.
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