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Sabrina died. It was easy to see that, as the last blow hit. Nancy paused for a few seconds, before pulling the hatchet out of Sabrina's body.

Nancy really didn't want to look down. Sabrina had been struck by the axe five times, at least. That was a lot of blood. Even Scarlett had only been hit twice. Nancy breathed heavily, but tried to calm her breathing. She looked down cautiously.

Yep, definitely a lot of blood. She coughed a few times. She... should probably do something about the body that was currently lying right in front of the door. She didn't want to touch it. But she would have to. She looked around the room, and got an idea.

Nancy grabbed Sabrina's body by the legs, dragging her over to one of the tubs lying on its side. She rolled the body into the tub, before moving to the other side.

With great effort, she tipped the tub over, so that Sabrina was completely hidden underneath the tub. She walked around the tub, making sure none of Sabrina was poking out from under the tub. She then tapped the bottom of the tub a few times.

"You stay there."

Nancy walked over to the dropped screwdriver, picking it up before moving over to the back room and sitting on one of the benches within. She got to work treating her wound.
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