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Brendan had stayed where he was as Jonathan got up and rushed over to someone. That someone was Darius. He had hoped that he wouldn't have to see him. Yes, Darius was one of Brendan's tormentors. A bully. But he was also Jonathan's friend. Brendan couldn't say that he didn't trust Darius. Not in front of Jonathan. The best thing that he could do was just deal with Darius' presence. Even if he didn't want to. He didn't want to just get up and leave.

Brendan had to stay.

For now.

Brendan got up to his feet and he leaned against the fence slightly. Watching Jonathan and Darius. He didn't want to interrupt their reunion. At least Jonathan got to see one of his friends again. Brendan wondered if he would see any of his own friends. He had to believe that he would. He still needed to find them. And then what? He needed a plan of some sort. An escape plan? Be hopeful for a rescue?

He had so many questions that he didn't even have the answers to. For now he had to focus on the two people that were in front of him. One he trusted. One he didn't trust. He just hoped that things would not get complicated.

Don't get too trusting, Brendan. They might abandon you anyway.

He really needed to stop jumping to the worse conclusions. Jonathan wouldn't just go off with Darius. Leaving Brendan on his own. That wouldn't be right. Brendan needed someone there with him. Especially after hearing everything....

Their Time Is gone

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In The Future
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