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He dreamt of storms. That was ominous.

Waking up slowly Trav could hear Cass whispering, he didn't know if she addressing someone else on the roof but that seemed unlikely. Trav doubted that Cass would actually try to pull anything, they had a layer of trust that had built up over their first day spent on the roof. Cass woke him and they briefly spoke before switching roles. Cass sleeping and Trav watching. Not that there was much for him to watch, it was basically pitch black.

Trav instead distracted himself by exploring the roof and exercising. He found the camera fairly quickly and would occasionally glance over at it. He dimly realized that it was perfectly possible his parents had spent all night watching him sleep through so hazy night vision camera filter. It was a strange thought and not one he wanted to dwell on. He instead gave the camera a small distracted wave. He wasn't even looking at it but he wanted his parents if they were watching to at least know he thought of them.

Eventually, as the sun rose over the island for the second time, Trav quietly moved over to Cass and gently nudged her awake.

"Good news, we made it to day two."

No sooner had the words left his mouth did a static noise echo across the island as speakers. They were getting a status update.

Two lists of names, the dead and their killers. Trav tried to listen but a lot of it blurred together. It was too surreal that he was being told a list of people he knew that were dead and who had done it. Luckily the one name he truly cared about, besides Cass, didn't get read out. Knowing Noodle was alright...or as alright as she could be was good news. He looked over at Cass, trying to gauge her reaction. In the meantime he helped himself to some breakfast.

"The better news, is that we don't have to move." He said as he started to munch on a slice of bread.
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