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Jonathan just stared at the sky, his eyes meeting where the sun would be had it not been covered by clouds. Of all the people...

He remembered when he woke up, the first four people he met. Scarlett, Barry, Aiden, and Tina. Out of all five of them, only him and Aiden were still alive, and chances were if they stayed together, they'd all still be alive. Why'd they have to leave? They could've gotten something set, they'd have been able to make a plan, get out of here. Because of them, they're all dead, Barry's dead... Brendan, Darius, Michael, himself... They were all going to die here because they didn't stick together, they didn't try.

They didn't care. None of them. Alvaro, Kimiko, Alex, Isabel, Nancy... None of them cared, they'd rather indulge in some sick power fantasy, get back at everyone then actually do anything productive. They're too scared to fight back, because the terrorists would kill them if they do, yet the one in one hundred plus chance was any better?! What would you take, getting tortured to death by some vindictive classmate, or getting your collar blown? It was a stupid dream to kill your way off, everyone should know that by now, if they all fought back, they could make it. A lot would die, but a lot of them are gonna die either way. He didn't understand it. Maybe he should listen to his gut, give in.

He's right, you know.

He had plans to get everyone off this island, he didn't know how he was going to do it, but he'd do it. It'd hurt, and he knew he was going to watch people die, he was going to die, but he'd get them out. If he couldn't live with himself for getting others killed in his plan, there's no way he'd live with himself by playing into their game. He had to fight back, for Barry's sake. He couldn't just-

There was a figure. A recognizable one. One that Jonathan could trust anywhere. Jonathan smiled. He got up and ran towards Darius.

It was only when he got close he realized how badly messed up he was. Jonathan's smile turned into a frown.

"Holy shit, Darius! What happened?"
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