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Dot raked her fingers across her left cheek, rubbing the numbness away. She squinted a couple of time, she wasn't sure Iz was right there, she could still be in a nightmare. But the scratches she drew on her face proved her wrong, this was reality. The girl - could she even be called that? - was in front of her.

That was when fear started to run through her body. Her legs felt weak but heavy, her heart was beating quickly, it wanted to jump out of her throat. Dot was scared by Nancy, but that fear was nothing compared to the one she was feeling right now. She felt an actually threat from the girl in front of her, she felt in danger, she felt she could die at any moment.

Funnily, Iz was fearing Dot too. Not like Dorothy who was scared of her losing her head, however. Iz was fearing Dot because she didn't trust her. She found that weirdly comforting, despite what was boiling inside of her. The mutual feeling between Iz, someone who clearly killed, and Dot, someone who was scared by death, was their connection.

And there was also their pink sweater, but that one didn't really matter. since Dot wasn't interested in a girl-talk at the moment with the scary possible killer in front of her.

Asha and Iz seemed like friends, and that was something else she could relate with the bloodied girl. She could use that to her avantage perharps because at the moment, Dorothy felt like her place in the group wasn't stable since Iz walked in and what if Asha decided to play the game. She already talk about death openly and maybe she was considering it.

Her eyes were now totally awake, and there was no denying it: Iz was real, she had two weapons, and was soaked in blood. She softly bit her tongue, thinking about the situation.

Since Iz was not trusting Dot, and their feelings were reciprocal, they needed a peace omen even there was no war in between them. She had nothing to offer other than stiching Isabel up if she was wounded. However, if she asked whether or not she was hurt, maybe Iz could take as a threat, she could take it as a way for Dot to find out about her weak point.

If she took it as a threat, it was the end of the line for Dorothy, so she decided to not ask the question. She reviewed her choices accordingly, and none of them were fail-proof. All of them could fail due to Iz's unpredictable temper, but there was one thing she was sure: Iz didn't trust her.

Dorothy smiled curtly, she knew what she was about to propose to Iz. She kept her trembles under control, suppressing them by contracting her muscles. She cleared her voice and launched herself in the action.

''You can trust me, but if you aren't sure,'' she said while pointed her bag, ''just search through my bag. You can keep my weapons, they are two sticks, I don't need them.''
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