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((Jerry Fury continued from Aaaaaand he's gone.))

The room being so dimly lit made it hard to find a good shadow to spar with, but Jerry had managed. Nadia seemed to know this place, at least a little better than he did. It had been quite the trek to get here, but nice to know that there was something on the other side of that shore. Jerry's first impressions of the asylum told him it was something out of a comic. Hell, add a thunderstorm, and you've got the beginnings of an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode. Jerry smirked when he thought of a couple jokes from the show. Why couldn't every show have such a well-thought plot?

"So!" Jerry said between jabs thrown at the shadow on the wall. "You... geh... you been here before, right?" He lowered his first and turned around, wiping off some perspiration forming at the hairline with his sleeve. "Any hidden passages? Neat little secrets? Hiding spots in case some mean motherfucker comes through with a tommy gun?"

He looked to the table leg in Nadia's clutches. "No offense, Nad-Daddy, but that's just not gonna cut it."
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