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Well shit, Jerry had nothing on him except the piled together gristle from one's un-brushed teeth into a brick you'd call an energy bar. Michael figured it was time to be a good samaritan.

"Ey, catch!"

Michael lobbed the small bag of spicy Cheeto's into Jerry's lap. "Keep 'em man, you earned the fuckers." Jerry was gonna be a good teammate. Sure, neither of them had guns, but both of them were tough motherfuckers. They had this game, they had it by the balls if they wanted to play it. IF they wanted to play it. The two of them being rational, average, well adjusted, non-batshit human beings, decided against it. Their plan was simple; find their friends, take down anyone wanting to get them got, and see how far it takes them. They were going to stick with it.

Michael put his comb through his hair before staring at his reflection again through his glasses. Despite being a bit bruised up, his beautiful visage was still top tier nine out of ten material, face and hair gonna get him paid and laid baby. This island won't take that one from him. He blew a kiss at his reflection before putting his shades back on. After all, he didn't get this pretty from losing fights did he?

"So in a bit, you uhh, you wanna look for your pals or..." The click of the announcements interrupted him. As if the stars aligned, Mars turned blue, Hell froze over, and Cthulhu took a shit, it seemed for a single moment in a millennia, Michael became quiet. No mouth, all ears. Something about an And I must Scream, or some other Harlan Ellison bullshit. He payed attention to the names, the names of the deceased, the names of the killers, the names of his friends that thankfully didn't appear. The victims from what little he knew of were all good kids. Nothing remarkable, sports team people, quiet people, acquaintances and that jazz. Damn shame it happened to them, but better them than him. The killers on the other hand...

Little stutterfuck Alvaro of all people got himself a kill. Apparently he pushed 'Big Black' off of a cliff or something. Weren't the two friends? Damn, that's fucked up... Michael mentally chalked Alvaro's name into the 'people who kill to see what it feels like' category. He knew Alvaro was 'out there' but that? Damn, couldn't emphasize how fucked killing a friend like that was. Jasmine Reed and Nancy Kyle both killed people. Two of the weeb warriors were already killing people. Well shit, at least Michael can take pride in knowing Darius wasn't one of them. The question was how'd the weebs go at it. Self defense, or are they already trying to recreate some shitty tsundere crap or whatever the fuck body pillow bait Darius watched.

That Alex dude from the paintball battle? Shit didn't think he had it in him. Got that douchey British dude's girl too. She didn't deserve it. Michael could write that one up as a 'possibly self defense'. Maybe Will tried some shit and used Rea as a shield or something. Wouldn't surprise Mike one bit. Rich British snobs are always assholes. Still, Rea didn't deserve it, wrong place, wrong time. Chances were Rea wasn't with Will. He was on the fence on that one. If he saw him, he'd ask.

Class president got someone then got himself got. Yeah, figured there'd be at least one of those. But it wasn't revenge, considering who his killer was. Isabel fuckin' Ramirez. Call Michael bad, sure you wouldn't be wrong, he was loud and loved to swing fists, but Isabel was a whole 'nother ball game. Massive bitch, hates damn near everyone, probably puts hamsters into socks then swings them around like nunchucks for fun... Could chalk her into the 'kill to see what it feels like' except she got two on day one, and probably not in the same time period. He had a feeling he'd hear her name a lot. Y'know what? Fuck it, put her in the 'Kill on sight' list. Don't think anyone would judge too much if her name popped up because of his name.

He looked at the dirt below him. He still had his spirits, Jerry still had his spirits, right. They'd be fine. Michael glanced over, and from the look on Jerry's face, he realized that Jerry was in fact not fine. Michael wasn't really concerned about the list until just now. Someone Jerry knew had died. Ah shit... Michael's perpetual grin faded into a look of concern. This wasn't good, his new friend just lost an old friend. And old friends? Nothing was more important than them, except for family if you had a good one. He knew right away Jerry wasn't alright, but he wasn't quite sure what else he could ask him. He didn't know Jerry all too well to know which of his friends died. Maybe it was that one of his friends killed someone. He had to ask, but he had to say the right thing.

"Hey, man, you uhh, you alright?"
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