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Bradley found himself face to face with a murderer.

There was no other explanation, really. Self-defence, sure, that was a thing. Accidents, yeah, that too was an option. There had been billions of deaths throughout human history, and at least a few of them would be dark room-related mishaps. But he had a hunch, an intuitive suspicion, perhaps rooted in some unspoken prejudice or preconception maybe, that made him fear Kimiko was not exactly friendly in that moment.

Bryony had reasons to dislike him. So did Coleen. Arthur too, probably. But they didn't hate him. But Kimiko? He didn't know how far her dislike of him went. She couldn't exactly tell him that she came in peace. She didn't seem to have her phone on her.

"Hey Kimiko. Guessing they didn't let you keep a little gadget to write things down on? Because an internet connected device would be useful right now."

He paused, and bit his lip, and narrowed his eyes, adding a perfunctory chuckle. He hoped it would be interpreted as an ice-breaker. And hey, it seemed to be interpreted as such, for nothing suddenly pierced his skin or broke his bones or cracked his face open in the moments that followed. Perhaps that relative toleration, of what was a relatively tolerable remark, was mistakenly interpreted as a sign that things were as normal. That the low-stakes atmosphere of Kingman that Bradley missed so much was on its way back.

And so he decided to carry on, and spoke as if this was the Kingman gym, and this was just another little performance that would be gossiped about around the school. The stakes, in Bradley's mind, were comfortably low. He'd already forgotten about his initial, instinctive, fears about Kimiko's motives. Was quite relieving to forget about that.

"So, Kimiko, guess you're pretty deadly after all." He grinned. Placed his M16 on his shoulder, resting it there. A reminder of its presence, but not ready to fire. He was armed, but not psychotic, was the message his body language was conveying. Speaking softly and carrying a big stick, to invoke an idiom. "Silent but deadly."

Blew a raspberry. She was like a fart, was the joke.

"So, Jason Voorhees, glad you could join us. I was thinking some kind of safety in numbers thing, might be a good strategy." His eyes moved away from Kimiko, his calm attitude now restored, looking over the others in the room.
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