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((May edit content, but dialogue/actions will remain the same.))

If it weren't for the fact that this was Latanna she was talking about, Olivia would have thought that Rod and Latanna had somehow become a thing. After all, both she and Olivia had nothing in common with Rod aside from the fact that they happened to have the same history class. Different interests, different friends, different languages, different worlds.

Olivia still leaned back slightly whenever Rod came close, a part of her keeping in mind his rather fiery temper. Of course, she knew him better than that now after a few months of this studying arrangement. He was no longer just some variable defined by his wrestling career and his temper and his face and all, Olivia knew that there were some brains and soul behind all that muscle. It was just mere instinct, that's what it was. And Olivia was better than this. So, she righted herself into a normal sitting position, pretended that she hadn't moved back.

And then her shoulders relaxed as Latanna started zipping from one topic to another, her voice somewhat perky. They weren't late. Nothing had gone wrong so far. Great. Olivia tried to keep up with all the questions Latanna was asking, but she'd barely open her mouth before Latanna moved on to the next one, leaving Olivia with unsaid words tumbling, piling up in her throat. She'd started wondering if she should answer them all sequentially or just answer the most recent one when Latanna mentioned something about Sadies.

Her eyebrows scrunched together. She leaned closer.

Asked if she'd given one yet.

Olivia laughed, and then stopped herself as soon as she started. She frowned a bit, looked at Latanna. Was she insulted? That wasn't what she meant, it was just. Like, even if Olivia somehow summoned up the confidence required for that, even if she were to give a card to, say, Rod- no, not him, he's right there and your face is blushing, stop- or some other guy, that implied something odd. To give that card would mean that she'd think she'd have a chance. That she'd think herself to be ready for relationships, boys, etc. That she'd be worthy.

That simply wasn't true.

She looked at Latanna with a tight smile, and said, "Sorry, I'm not laughing at you or your question, it's just... no, I don't plan on giving anything."

She looked down.

"It's too weird."

She looked at Rod, tried to smile bright again. "How about you? Have you gotten anything?"
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