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((Nadia Riva continued from Aaaaaaand he's gone))

Nadia yawned as she lay against the wall, the table leg laying across her legs. She looked up at the ceiling and let out a soft sigh. It sucked to wake up and realize she was still here. She could have chalked all of yesterday up to being a weird dream. Dealing with weirdos in the one-on-one rooms, allying with Jerry Fury, being sentimental on camera. It was all quite odd, but sadly, it looked to be the reality of her situation.

She and Jerry had wandered a bit before ending up at the asylum again. They found one of the Doctor's Offices and decided to hide out there. The asylum was large enough to hide out in, and as long as they were quiet, any crazy folks would just walk by. It looked like it had worked for the most part. They went undisturbed through the night, although she did hear someone moving around in the halls after the announcement. It sounded like they were just passing by, so Nadia could take some comfort in knowing she and Jerry weren't in any immediate danger.

Granted, they were still in Hell, but now they had to know there were confirmed deaths and murders. Nadia had recognized a few of the names as some of the people in her senior class. Cristobal Morales she remembered from him creepily staring at her in the park. He was taken out by the mute girl. Nadia briefly thought that he might have looked at her weirdly, but then pushed the thought aside. This wasn't the time to think shitty things about her peers. That was the sort of thing she could do with Rod when they were hanging out in his Challenger before all of this. Now it just made her feel like an asshole, and she wasn't in the mood for being lousy.

Still, Nadia had to take note of the killers. Isabel Ramirez, Kimiko Kao, Alvaro Vacanti, Nancy Kyle, Alex Tarquin, and Jasmine Reed were all on her shitlist. There was no way she'd let them add her to their kill score, and she wasn't prepared to let to go so easily. She clutched the table leg in her hand. If things were serious, maybe she should be prepared as well.
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