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((Henry Spencer continued from To Dine With the Devil))

It was maybe a bad idea to rob someone unarmed. But Henry had a plan for that. Sort of.

It was a little tougher than he'd expected to make his way down (or up? the map had implied up) the island towards the asylum. But he managed, and besides, that's where people would be. Also he had no clue what the place looked like now, so he miiiiight have wandered in by chance. Oops.

It was creepy in the asylum, but Henry liked it. The spooky, decaying place made him think of a haunted house or a film, not something he'd find dreadful in the real way he'd felt from being here. He heard noises, tiptoeing (perhaps with greater exaggeration than necessary) towards the source of the sounds, which seemed to be descending from above him.

It was maybe kinda sorta not the brightest idea to knock on the door of the huge closet thing when he heard noises from outside. But if he was intending to take people's stuff, he didn't have to be a jerk about it, right? He could just...meet up, hang out, and if they weren't accommodating to his biological need for food and beverage he'd slip off with some essentials to survive on. That was okay, right?

Oh, look, a spider! It was huge, like half an inch long, and light brown. Henry crouched on his knees with his face inches from the floor, studying the spider as it skittered about in the gap under the door. He watched as the little arachnid scuttled under the door and out of sight.
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