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Oskar was reaching for something, something on his backside. What, was the fucker going to literally pull something out of his ass now?

The first thing her eye caught of the object was a gleam, somehow metallic. It was small. Black. And it was pointing right at her. No way.

He was pointing a motherfucking gun in her face.


Jane froze, her mouth just hanging open. The fuck. Where'd that come from, where the fuck did he get that fucking gun from? No fucking way, this was beyond insane now, this couldn't seriously be happening to her.

"Hey, hey."

She let go of her bag, heard it collide with the ground, sounds of the wine bottle clinking against something. She didn't even bother to take a look at it, all she could do was stare into that tiny fucking tool in Oskar's hand.

"Why do you have that thing? That's not fucking fair, why do you goddamn lowlife get stuff like that?" Her voice was trembling, threatening to break, grinded between fear and fury.

"Fuck you, seriously. You don't deserve to have that." She gave it her best to spew those words out with as much spite as she could muster. Jane could feel all her muscles twitching, she had to fight her own fucking body for control.

"And fuck you too, don't even pretend like you're not in on this!" She pointed at Caedyn, feeling the panic rise in her throat, steadily upwards. "You and your goddamn good cop/bad cop routine! I mean, I'm the stupid bitch here? I'm not the one pointing fucking guns at people!"
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